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Chris from Little Rock here. I'm tied in with the scene in Central Arkansas, and myself, along with themo_man and lady_krysis are in the process of organizing a local NPO to offer workshops to local schools, and to perform in hospitals and such. When we get more off the ground, we'll be pitching our chapbooks, so save your cash up, because you'll want all of our stuff. My cohorts will be joining the party here really soon. This is a great idea.

joyful__girl invited me to make the first post here, and I consider it a great honor. The piece is brand spanking new, and I kind of dig on on it. I hope everyone enjoys my nasal-ass southern accent.

Here it is (MP3 format):


Looking forward to hearing everyone's stuff here.


Hey everyone!

Welcome to this community!

Hopefully we'll be able to get it off to a good start, so please, introduce yourselves!

Who are you? Have you ever slammed? When was the first time you went to a poetry slam? Why do you like it? Any favorite spoken word artists?