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Welcome to the one and only (at least that I know of, correct me if I'm wrong) Livejournal Virtual Poetry Slam.

Here, we aim to bring together slam enthusiasts from all over the world and allow them to share spoke word performances over the internet. Other communities allow you to share your poems through text; Virtual Slam shares audio recordings. Any poem that's meant to be read aloud will never be able to convey it's message without an audible voice to carry it. Long story short: You're reading your original poetry to the rest of us.

So how's this gonna work?

Well, we've got a few options.
Audioblogger.com allows you to post audio to the internet via telephone.
Otherwise, if you've got a microphone you can hook up to your computer, you can either host the recording yourself, or email it to me and I'll take care of that.

What's the point?

It's the next best thing to actually slamming. (Or close, anyway.)
Realistically, it will allow you to share your spoken word pieces with more people.
It will give you the opportunity to seek constructive criticism that might improve your next performance.
It's fun.
With any luck, if this communty picks up steam, we'll actually get to have some mini competitions. It'll be good times.

Rules and Such

This community's moderator is joyful__girl.

Seeing as this is a forum for expression, all I ask is that we don't stoop to the degradation of other members. And that if a piece you're posting has language that might be considered offensive to young'uns (really, it's the young'uns parents...) or the weak of heart, flag it as such. A simple "PG13!" or whatever else gets the point across will work nicely. Lastly, please... Share your talent. If you've never slammed before, this is a great starting point, as it gives you a certain degree of anonymity. Go for it!

Also, seeing as this community is just starting up, please feel free to contact me via email or MSN messenger (devianox@hotmail.com), to comment here or in my own journal, or to get ahold of my on AIM (screen name: devianox) to discuss any comments, questions, suggestions, whatever. Thanks!